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Fighting my Emotions

Please note that I am only sharing my experiences and thoughts. <3

After sharing some advice with a friend the other night, his response was, "Yea everybody says that. But I ain't trying to hear that right now". Well dang did I understand that and couldn't get it out of my head for the rest of the night. People can give us advice and motivational speeches all day but until we decide to make changes, we won't budge. Did you catch what I said there...let me explain.

The first step is actually making the decision that we actually want to change, which I talked about in my last blog (click here to read it) and the second step is actually acting upon the decision. When I finally decided to turn my life around I still wasn't ready to move forward because I was emotional and would easily get overwhelmed and go back to bed watching Netflix. For an example, at that time I was supposed to be promoting my annual event B.C.C., something I don't take lightly and is a lot of pressure for me honestly, yet, I wasn't ready. My mind could not even process thinking about it and would push it to the side. I knew what I had to do but I didn't care to do it. Crazy humans we can be.

Can't see my face but I'm the one kicking at Florida Muay Thai!

So instead I chose something I really wanted to do. You're probably scratching your head like what, that's not really responsible. Well let's be real here, I didn't want to do sh*t! I wasn't ready to handle life, new responsibilities or clean up the mess I created BUT I made a decision to make some changes. When I made the choice to "change my life" I wrote a list of everything I wanted and needed to do and learning a style of martial arts was one of them. Plus it was one way of getting me out of the house and back on a healthy track. The problem was I didn't have much money but I started my search anyway. After researching online, getting advice from a friend and visiting several gyms I found the perfect place solely dedicated to Muay Thai! I was so excited yet nervous because I knew it would probably be expensive but guess what!? They were having a sale for $21 for the month to new students! Power of faith!

From that moment on life really changed, from every kick to the body and drop of sweat getting in my eye, I was getting stronger! Not just physically but mentally! I would leave class feeling so incredibly pumped that I soon became ready to handle everything else in life. By trying something new, exciting and challenging it made everything else seem possible to do. Shortly after the start of my new training I found a great job, a new home, made new friends and started to feel alive again. Also very happy to say that BCC 5 ended up being one of my favorites because of the new mindset I was adapting to (that will be a future post).

Naeem Callaway said “Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life. Tiptoe if you must, but take a step.".

If you feel like you're not ready yet, I get it. Your situation may be completely different than mine and you may need some more time BUT ask yourself this: How long are you willing to live like this? I wasn't ready to take on the world but I was ready to hit a punching bag, so I started with that.

Shout out to Florida Muay Thai for pushing me towards greatness!

No matter where you are in life today here is something to think about:

  • What is something you've always wanted to do?

  • Can you try something new this week?

  • Where do you see yourself at the end of 2019?

Also more about this topic on IG stories @queen_joleen see you there!

With Love,

Joleen Rose

p.s. this is not in any way sponsored by Florida Muay Thai

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