Skin care is Self-care

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Before school, I didn't know much about skin care. I did the bare minimum, washed my face with any cleanser, moisturized, and used sunblock when I thought about it. I battled with dry skin, monthly breakouts, and pimples that would take forever to go away. Although, after receiving the education, treatments, and the right products I can now say that has all changed for the better.

I look at skin care like I do with brushing my teeth and taking a shower, it's needed, its hygienic but also personal. Remember, your journey can be different than mine and others so try not to compare. Also, we are forever changing so it's important that you pay attention to you and your needs so you can adjust when needed.

To get started on a skin care routine here is what you should keep in mind.

Proper skin care combines several elements that together result in healthy glowing skin. These elements include:

  • A good home care regimen

  • A well-balanced diet

  • An adequate intake of water

  • Limited exposure to the sun

  • Regular exercise

  • Sufficient rest

  • Use of professional skincare products

All of that above will show in your face and the rest of your body. Don't strive for perfection but your health is priceless so do your best daily.